Hire. Anyone. Anywhere.

We help companies hire great help from all around the world.

finding great talent, takes talent.

At BolsterHire, we understand the fear, trouble and challenges to hire someone from across the globe. We're a dynamic boutique hiring agency that gets both sides of the coin - We have offices in both Denver, Colorado and New Delhi India. We literally live the best of both worlds and recruit and hire talent in both the United States and India.

Hiring internationally can be messy. Our process is simple. Make sure you get great affordable employees who are set up to excel in a remote position to help your company succeed.

People Make it possible.

Finding great people is everything. We bring you an outsourced solution that allows you to find the best remote work in the world.

Providing opportunity.

Our goal is to connect you with the best qualified help at a global level. By hiring internationally, not only are you getting a great employee, you're also helping change someones life.


We are not a "turn and burn" staffing agency. We're connectors. We're your hiring partner.

So who are we?

Our Founders met through this exact process. Sanju, Rajesh and James have never lived in the same city. In fact, they have never even met in person. Through this exact process, five years ago, this relationship was born, which lead to the creation of BolsterHire.

Interested in learning more?

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